Cosmetic Breast Surgery

We Can Help You Feel Your Best

Dr. O’Toole believes that the best cosmetic surgery is the kind that no one ever suspects. His techniques for reshaping and rebalancing your feminine shape will leave you wondering why you didn’t meet him sooner. Factors such as genetics, pregnancy, weight loss, and aging can contribute to undesirable figure changes.

Discussing your concerns with Dr. O’Toole in our Pittsburgh cosmetic surgery practice is a great first step to explore your options. As a dual board certified plastic surgeon, he is well versed on how to make natural looking changes to your body to achieve the look you want.

Your individual body type calls for a unique, customized approach. One option may involve a breast lift, also called “mastopexy” to correct issues of deflation and asymmetry.

Have you ever been out shopping, saw a dress in the window that looked great, but you just knew it would never fit properly? You may consider breast augmentation and/or reshaping procedures to increase the size of smaller breasts, balance asymmetric breasts and/or firm and tighten breasts that have drooped slightly. Working with Dr. O’Toole, these procedures will be customized to suit your own body contours to achieve the most pristine results. Breast augmentation can be accomplished, typically, with minimal scarring and recovery time. You will be wearing that great dress in no time!

No matter which procedure is best suited for you, we recognize that every patient’s body composition and anatomy are unique. Our practice does not follow a “one size fits all” surgical philosophy. In fact, we go to great lengths to do just the opposite.  We take time to understand your personal situation and customize a surgical plan and approach that makes the most sense for you.