Skin Cancer Care

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Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for Skin Cancer

Dr. O’Toole is dedicated to ensuring that his patients look great and feel their best.  His approach to skin cancer treatment is no different. Using the most progressive methods available, Dr. O'Toole uses an aesthetic-centered approach combined with his training in melanoma removal to attain the optimal outcome for his patients. He strives for total skin cancer removal while attempting to minimize scarring. He is also able to provide treatment of scars that may have resulted from previous skin cancer removal.

More specifically, Dr. O’Toole is an expert at melanoma care with sentinel lymph node resection and is a clinical co-investigator on multiple melanoma trials taking place at the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, PA. His knowledge of the latest research findings and his passion for keeping his patients healthy and vibrant makes him an ideal partner in your skin cancer treatment.