Breast Cancer Care

Using the Most Modern Techniques, We Can Help

We understand that a breast cancer diagnosis is frightening. At O’Toole Plastic Surgery we are dedicated to working with you, your oncology team and your family to develop a surgical treatment plan that makes sense for you and your specific situation.  

Mastectomy, lumpectomy, fat grafting. You may have options.

We recognize that every patient’s body composition, anatomy and diagnosis are unique. We do not follow a “one size fits all” surgical philosophy. In fact, we go to great lengths to do just the opposite. We take time to understand your personal situation and customize a surgical plan and approach that makes the most sense for you. 

Dr. O’Toole is the first plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh to marry the aesthetic-centered incision patterns of cosmetic surgery with the oncological surgical approach, which focuses solely on removing the cancer. He believes that breast cancer removal surgery is not just about preserving life. It’s about making his patients feel better about how they’ll look and feel after the procedure is complete. That dual approach helps his patients heal faster emotionally and physically. 

You Should Always Expect The Best

Ideally, involving Dr. O’Toole at the beginning of your recovery journey is best to maximize the available surgical options. However, engaging him later to correct issues from previous procedures with other surgeons is possible. Regardless, know that your satisfaction with the end result is our priority.


Dr. O’Toole specializes in modern oncoplastic breast reconstruction techniques that utilize a variety of cosmetic incisions to eliminate deformity, hide scars, and help prevent post-radiation problems. Fat grafting is a technique that Dr. O’Toole has mastered to fine-tune breast shape after breast cancer reconstruction surgery. This method can improve lumpectomy deformities and radiation changes throughout the breast.

For those needing a mastectomy, Dr. O’Toole is a single stage direct-to-implant breast reconstruction specialist, who tailors his surgical plan based on each individual patient’s unique anatomy and medical situation. Ideally, his goal is to eliminate the expansion process, which minimizes scarring and avoids the need for additional surgeries and/or procedures.

breast cancer surgery is eligible for insurance coverage.

Rest assured, any breast cancer surgery is eligible for insurance coverage. Our practice works with most major insurance networks and Dr. O’Toole is on staff at five Pittsburgh area hospitals.

If you are facing a breast cancer diagnosis and want to learn more about your surgical options, Dr. O’Toole would love to meet with you.